Easy guide on writing a 500 word essay

500 word essay is difficult to name a real essay it’s rather a mini-essay. This is a kind of little sketches that are often written on a certain topic. But this genre is really amazing, as it is full of emotional and sensual sentiment that is revealed in the description of events or scenery.

argumentative essay

Among the basic characteristics of a 500 word essay is the possibility to present your thoughts, feelings and emotions in any way you like. You are free to solve any problem you state in a few lines of your writing.

Is the study obligatory?

Everyone will agree that in order to obtain the best result possible, you are to study to develop certain skills and get the necessary knowledge. The same is with writing a 500 word essay. You have to realize that the necessity of study is obvious. It might take you a few months to learn the basic skills of creating a 500 word essay. It is really difficult to produce an essay of a decent level without the preliminary study.

Every job requires practice. So you need 2-3 months and to complete 15-20 essays to get the result that can satisfy not only you but your professors as well. Systematic lessons on how to write a 500 word essay and your dedication to study – these are the key points. You should not only get some theoretical knowledge on the secrets of essay writing, but you should know how to apply this knowledge in practice and someone should monitor and assist you in this process. It is significant to have a teacher.

The main task while writing a 500 word essay is to express your ideas briefly, but also clearly. And the teacher is able to explain you the ways of presenting your opinion, using the knowledge you obtained and supporting it with some arguments.

What should you pay attention to

• Topic. The teachers sometimes give you the topic for your writing, but there are cases when you need to select the topic yourself. It is better to choose the one that you like or the topic that you know a lot about.

• Format. It is obligatory to keep up to the number of pages and size required and general performance of the work. To get a high evaluation, you should follow the requirements on how to write a 500 word essay precisely.

• Audience. Never forget about the people who are going to read your essay, as this fact is significant while creating your paper.

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Always remember about the necessity to include thoughts and arguments that are opposite to yours into your essay. To create a perfect essay, mention contradicting opinions and try to refute these arguments, or just analyze them and it is possible that you may change your mind under their influence.

We advise you to look through a couple of articles on the same topic. It is possible that these examples will help you with the topic development or show you the ways to create a better 500 word essay. You are welcome to apply the tips from other authors in your paper.

Every new thought should be presented in a new paragraph. Do not forget to use a quotation mark when you are citing somebody and provide the correct link to the source used to avoid accusation of plagiarism.

Be ready to answer the following:

  • Is the topic comprehensive for you?
  • Did you add some facts and arguments?
  • Do you have a plan of writing with the necessary phases of argumentation and do you always follow it?
  • Have you researched your topic in the books?
  • Does every new idea have a separate paragraph?
  • Have you put the paragraphs logically and is it convenient to read your paper for a person who does not know your theme?
  • Have you included the links for quotations you used?
  • Have you revised your essay several days after you completed it; have you corrected everything to make your paper look ideal?
  • Have you applied the common style to the entire essay?
argumentative essay

The teachers hate

  • when you fail to answer their questions;
  • when your answer is poorly organized;
  • when even the easiest questions seems difficult for you;
  • if no reasoning is present in your essay, just some rhetorical statements;
  • if the data are used carelessly;
  • if no analytical material is provided, just a broad text;
  • when you write only other people’s opinion without expressing yours.
  • Avoid the following mistakes

    It happens very often that students do not include the necessary data and arguments into their essay. It is impossible to prove your ideas if you have no arguments or serious data to rely on. You should do your best to find the required evidence to convince the teacher that your viewpoint is correct. If you feel that you lack experience in fulfilling this assignment, it is better to apply to someone who can provide you with professional help while you are mastering your skills of essay writing.

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