Easy guide on writing a 1000 word essay

If you think that 1000 word (essay+paper) is a task that is easy to fulfill, you are mistaken. This seems so only at first sight. But when you start writing, you begin to understand that 1000 words are not so many. Therefore, you need to think carefully what to write and what phrases to apply because every word is counted and every phrase should convey the idea you want to imply. Furthermore, you should structure your 1000 word (essay+paper) in a proper manner, which is not very easy when you have a word limitation because you need not only to express your opinion with the necessary supporting arguments to attract the readers’ attention but also present some counter arguments.

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More than that, the word limit is not the only obstacle that you need to overcome, the content should be logically organized and connected to give a clear picture of the topic and opinion you are presenting. It is certainly not a problem for nearly everyone to write one thousand words, but when you are required a 1000 word (essay+paper); it might take you not hours but days or weeks to perform the task. That is why we offer you some tips to ease the process of creation such a masterpiece as a 1000 word (essay+paper) writing of a decent level.

Control your time

One of the major mistakes that many students commit is the wrong attitude to writing a 1000 words paper. They consider this a quick and easy assignment that does not require time for preparation and writing. As usual, students start writing it just before the deadline. As you can understand, the result appears to be poor. Any good paper requires time for preparing the material, regardless the subject you are writing about. It is certainly easier to order a custom essay , but if you make some efforts, you can write a 1000 word (essay+paper) yourself.

Approach should be the same as to a long article

It is important to remember that your approach to a 1000 word (essay+paper) should be the same as to any long article you write. Despite the limited size of the work, your steps are:

• Researching;

• Reading;

• Analyzing;

• Writing;

• Revising.

Do not neglect the step of researching, regardless the topic you are writing about. You should be familiar with the material available and read some examples of papers on your subject. More than that, it is necessary to analyze the material obtained through researching and reading, and only after that, you can start creating your 1000 word (essay+paper). Revision is also obligatory to avoid grammar mistakes or any logical inconsistency.

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Every sentence is significant

Due to the size limit of your paper, it is better not to use filler words. Do not forget the folk wisdom that a picture is worth a thousand words. We mean that every of your sentence should imply a hundred of sentences. This is certainly a metaphor, but this is one of the greatest problems that you may face dealing with such a task. If you have a lot of ideas and arguments to present, it is very difficult to do this with the limit of 1000 words. That is why you need enough time to think how to formulate every idea and built the sentence in such a way to convey the information of a hundred of sentences in only one. If you succeed in this, you will get an amazing 1000 word (essay+paper) as a result.

Forget about limits and then rewrite

This is the most important advice to follow. Do not constantly think about the size limit, just write what you want and then you can rewrite. Certainly, in this case, you will need more time. But the quality of your work will only benefit.

You can write as much as you want to forget about the limits, but then you need to revise what you have written and choose essential parts of your writing, omitting the ones that are not so important for your work. After this, put your longer version aside and rewrite the work mentioning only the parts you highlighted.

Such approach can guarantee that you have used only the most important points necessary for your writing. This also gives you a possibility to see any logical inconsistency and to correct it.

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Mind the structure

One more mistake that you can avoid is the wrong structure of the essay. We mean that students often forget about structure and spend too many words on the parts of the paper that do not require this. While writing a 1000 paper, you should treat the language as a scanty resource and it is necessary to apply this resource wisely.

We do not mean that you should distribute the words equally between the parts, as this is incorrect. The best quantity of words within each part is the following:

• Introduction and Thesis – 100-300;

• Main Body – 500-750;

• Conclusion – 50-250 words.

Do not forget that every part of your work is significant. Therefore, while distributing 1000 words, remember about the correct managing of words for each part.

Now you can start writing a 1000 word essay or paper

Students are usually glad when the task received is not very long, but they do not consider that the size is less important, as you need the same amount of time for preparing and fulfilling the assignment. Think thoroughly how to create a 1000 word writing correctly and control the time required. Do not do everything at the last moment and do not neglect such steps as researching, reading and revising. Only under these circumstances, you can obtain the result that will satisfy you and your teacher.

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